Smart Tips for a SMARTBOX Move!

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 17, 2013  in 
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We can all agree that moving, for the most part, is a pretty miserable task! Stressful, messy and expensive. The services that SMARTBOX can provide will help alleviate the stress and expense, but there are things you can do to make things easier on yourself!

  • First, pack an overnight bag with at least a days worth of clothes, any medications and personal items that you will need. This will prevent you from having to hunt for your toothbrush and jammies when you are exhausted on that first night in your new home!
  • Second, think about the items that you will need first when you get to your new home (cleaning supplies, bed linens, clothes and/or toys). Pack all those essentials in a clear bin and make sure that the bin is the last thing to go into your SMARTBOX. "Last in" ensures it will be the "first out" when you are unpacking and the clear bin means that you will be able to quickly identify it when you open your SMARTBOX!
  • Third, skip the bubble wrap and use all those old sweatshirts and tees that you have to pack anyway to pack your glassware and breakable items. It's good for the environment, but best of all you save money on all that bubble wrap that you would just have to haul out to the curb on garbage day after you move in!

None of the above is rocket science, but packing smart along with using a SMARTBOX is the best recipe for a great move!

Dusty Rhodes

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