Running Out of Filing Space? Storage Can Help

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 30, 2015  in 
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Has your office reached its limit of available filing space? Do you find that you barely have enough room to work efficiently? If your answer is yes to both of those questions, it might be time for you to start looking into getting a storage unit. After all, the appearance of your office is an extension of your business, and an office that is cluttered and disorganized can cause serious issues.

Storage units work great for offices because they provide additional square footage, helping your business to stay organized and running smoothly.

So How Can Storage Help My Office?


Storing files is a timeless business practice, especially since files always tend to increase in number. One way to stay ahead of a backlog and cluttered filing area is to use a storage unit for old and outdated files. Each quarter, it is a good idea to take inventory of your current office filing space to see if it is becoming disorganized. If you find that you are unable to access files easily, and you are having to stack files on desks and in offices, that is a good indication that it is time to send some of your archived files to storage. A good tip is to move the oldest, outdated files into storage, making room to store current business items you are working. As you prepare to send the older files to storage, make sure that you package and seal them appropriately. Look into storage units that are water resistant and weatherproof so that you can ensure that your files will be protected while they are stored. Check to see what type of security features your storage facility provides so that you can make sure that your business files will be secure, and always keep your storage unit locked while you are not there.

Here is a good tip, set up your storage unit as a filing library, categorizing your files alphabetically for easier access. You will find that this will help you to quickly know what boxes to access should you need to access an archived item. This is also helpful because it helps you to know where to place new boxes that you add to your stored files, and it keeps your business running effectively.

Seasonal Office Decorations

As the various seasons come and go, so do holidays and various office celebrations. Unused decorations in the off season can really start to add up and clutter up office space. For a helpful remedy, store seasonal decorations in a storage unit. Wrap and package them well so that they are protected until they are used again, and store them away for safekeeping. This will enable you to keep the look of your office space current with the changing trends of each season, while preserving all of your seasonal decorations and office décor.


In homes, there comes a time when furniture needs to be replaced, either because it is worn or simply no longer fits its functional use in the home. The same is true for offices, as business furniture can really influence the look of an office. If you have office furniture that is still in good condition, but no longer works for the current look of your office, store it. You may find that you need those exact pieces at a later date or for starting up another business and you will be glad you held onto it. If you have older, antique looking furniture that you prefer to keep, but it is taking up space in your office, store it. You can always hold onto it and have it restored to its natural beauty at a later date. This way, you preserve your valued office pieces, while having a clutter-free office you can work in.

Office Supplies

Storage units work great for storing extra office supplies, especially if supplies are usually purchased in large bundles that take up a lot of room. Consider which office supplies you would like to keep in the office, and then utilize your storage unit to house extra supplies until you need them. This will help you to keep your office neat and well organized.

So continue to work hard and remember that there are solutions that can help you with all of your business storage needs. For additional storage tips, please visit our Business page.

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