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by Dusty Rhodes on May 03, 2015  in 
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As the school year draws to a close in the next couple of months, many teachers will begin the annual process of packing up their classrooms and storing items away for the summer. If you are a teacher looking for great summer storage options, consider getting a storage unit. Having additional storage space provides you with a place to store all of your teaching materials and prevents you from having to use valuable space in your home.

To start your summer off right, here are a couple of SMART storage tips:

SMART Tip 1-Plan Ahead As a teacher, you know the importance of creating great lesson plans so that you are able to teach an organized and clear lesson. The same is true for storage. Planning ahead is essential to guarantee that your storage experience is organized and runs smoothly. A good idea is to start looking into summer storage options now. All too often, the school year ends, with teachers who are left wondering where to take boxes of classroom items and teaching manuals, only to have to resort to storing them around their homes. While the home storage option is always readily available, it is not always the most convenient. In fact, storing classroom boxes and materials at home takes up room and makes for a cluttered summer vacation.

Check your local listings now for storage providers in your area. This way, you are able to lock in summer storage and stay ahead of the rush. Do your research in advance and consider recommendations from other teachers who have also used storage units. Consider portable storage options for added convenience. You will gain the benefit of having your storage container delivered directly to your school, you can pack at your leisure, and you will save on time and added transport expenses. Make note of the items you have in your classroom to get a sense of how much potential storage you have so that you can make an informed decision about how much storage you will need. If other teachers at your school also need storage, check to see if they would like to share a storage unit with you. Not only will you save on money, but you can help guarantee that you are getting maximum usage out of your storage unit. Teaching teams can really benefit from having all of their materials stored in one, convenient place and look forward to enjoying the summer break.

SMART Tip 2-Store By Subject Store by subject, especially if you are a teacher who teaches multiple subjects. Sectional storage can really help to keep you organized and efficient, as well as prepared for the next school year.Before the school year ends, start pulling together a list of each subject you teach and the items that you want to store for those subjects. You will find that unpacking your stored items will be so much easier and you’ll be ahead of the class in preparing your room for the new school year.

We hope these simple tips will help you to stay organized and have a great summer! For additional tips, please visit our Storage page or check out our website.

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