How to Move Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

by Dusty Rhodes on May 30, 2015  in 
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Deciding to move your business can be a challenging task, especially if the relocation involves down time in production while the move is completed. If you are a business owner, and you are looking to transfer the location of your company, here are five easy steps that will help you to transition your business.

  1. Schedule Your Company Move in Shifts

    This may sound odd at first, but it can actually be quite beneficial to organizations that have strict production goals. By moving in shifts, you guarantee that someone will be working on production goals while the move is taking place. You also avoid the overcrowding of elevators, hallways and space if everyone were to move at the same time.

  2. Label Belongings Well

    If production is not an issue, and you would like to move everyone all at once, organize your move by departments. Schedule a time for each department to pack up and prepare for the move. Make sure that each employee labels and marks their equipment and belongings carefully so that there is no confusion about where computer equipment goes or who it belongs to.

  3. Insist on Safety

    Prevent employees from trying to lift large furniture or items by themselves. This is an important safety measure to protect both the employee and the business. Before the official move, explain to employees what will take place, what their responsibility and role in the move is, and what they are to refrain from. A clear understanding of the commercial moving process will benefit everyone and help make for an easier move.

  4. Stay Organized

    A move that is organized will prevent important papers and documents from getting lost. If you work in government offices or medical offices where confidentiality is a must, handle files and paperwork with care so that nothing gets misplaced or compromised during the move. This is an organizational step that will keep your business running smoothly during your move, as well as the confidence of your clients and patients.

  5. Move Securely

If you are conducting a move that contains highly confidential material or items of extreme wealth and value, it is a good idea to hire security to protect your company during the move. From museums to jewelry stores, taking the necessary precautions to prevent exposure to theft will make your move easier and your transition into your new location smoother.

We hope that these steps will enable your business to have a successful move, as well as an easy transition into your new location. For more great moving tips, visit our Moving page.

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