Great Money Saving Tips For Your Next Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 01, 2015  in 
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Moving can be expensive, but there are ways to save money during your next move. With some strategic planning and creative thinking, you will be amazed at some of the options that are available to help you budget out a move.

First, be creative. Moving requires boxes, and a lot of them. Instead of aiming to buy moving boxes at the store which can quickly add up and become very pricey, opt for going to grocery stores during their inventory stocking time. Usually, the boxes are no longer used, and this is a great way for you to accumulate all of the moving boxes you need, and save money in the process.

Next, enlist the help of friends and family. Chances are you know someone who has just moved, or has a moving resource that you can use. From a moving dolly to moving supplies, you can save money on some of the most practical moving tools simply by borrowing them from someone else.

Host a moving potluck, but instead of everyone bringing food, have all of your guests to bring a moving box or moving tool. Make sure that you have a list so that no one duplicates the same item, and benefit from all of the extra resources you will gain for your move. This is a great and inexpensive way to afford what you need for your next move, and allow your friends and family to help in the process.

Utilize your career achievements and service. For example, if you currently serve in the military or you are a veteran, look for special promotions, rates and discounts that are designed to help you save money and resources during your move. There are great resources that you can use and moving companies are happy to honor your military service.

If you are an educator, check to see if you can receive a special discount off some of your moving services. For seniors, ask to see if your moving company honors special discounts and rates or if there are resources specifically available to help make your next move a little easier.

Share a move. Most people decide to move at a certain time and on a certain day, and chances are, you may be moving at the same time as someone else. Consider sharing your move with someone you trust so that both of you can benefit from the same moving resources and share in the moving costs.

Move during the week. With the majority of people moving over the weekend, you can take advantage of great moving deals because more moving resources will be available to you. You will be able to save more money, and you will benefit from not having to compete with as many other people who may be moving too.

Use portable moving. Portable moving saves a lot of money because you are avoiding the cost of a moving truck. With the advantage of having your moving container delivered directly to your door, you gain the ability to have all of your moving resources rolled into one, saving you time and money.

All of these are great ways for you to save more money for your next move and have extra money left over so that you can do some great decorating! For more moving tips and great moving advice, visit our Moving page.

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