How to Stay Well and Safe During Your Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 01, 2015  in 
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Moving is an exciting experience, but it can be exhausting or even dangerous if you do not follow certain guidelines. Whether you are moving across town, or making a move across the country, it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that you will stay well and safe during your moving process.

Here are a few SMART tips on how to stay well and safe while you are preparing to make a move.

SMART Tip 1: Get plenty of rest

Proper rest is essential when you are planning a move. With long hours devoted to packing, you can   easily miss out on much needed hours of rest, working a strain on your overall health. A good tip is to plan ahead and space out your packing. If you know that you will be moving in advance, pack a little each day so that you won’t have to pack everything all in one night or in a couple of days. Advance packing will allow you to rest more because you won’t have as much to do at the last minute. You will be able to pack more carefully as opposed to rushing through wrapping and packaging your items for moving. Also by getting plenty of rest, you will be well rested for a long drive, keeping you alert and safe if your move takes you across several miles.  

SMART Tip 2: Proper diet

Eating a good, balanced diet is important when you are moving so that you will have enough energy for your move. Moving can be very strenuous, and food is a great source of providing you with the extra strength you need to complete your move. Staying hydrated is equally important, and drinking plenty of water will help you to maintain your energy level as well. After all, the last thing you want is to faint during a move because you did not eat enough food or drink enough water. A proper diet will keep you safe and well.

SMART Tip 3: Dress appropriately for moving

Depending on the time of year that you move, you will be faced with various types of weather moving conditions. If you are moving during the summer, especially in the extremely hot summer months, be sure to dress in cool clothes, and protect your skin from extended exposure to the sun. If you are moving during the cold, winter months, be sure to bundle up, and protect your skin from exposure to frigid, cold temperatures. This will help you to avoid catching a cold. Wear shoes with good, solid traction in all seasons and weather conditions, so that you will avoid slips and falls while moving your belongings.

SMART Tip 4:  Take Breaks

Taking a break is always a good idea when you are moving. Breaks allow you to give your body some rest, to refuel for the next part of your move. Moving time constraints can tend to push people beyond the limits to which their bodies can go, but knowing when to take breaks will help keep you well and safe, preventing unnecessary exhaustion.

SMART Tip 5: Lift Carefully

Careful lifting is important during a move because it can potentially help you to avoid a trip to the doctor or even the hospital. Never lift anything that is too heavy, all by yourself, and make sure you always watch where you are going, if moving down stairs or walking down ramps. There is nothing worse than trying to get moved, injuring yourself, and then being down for weeks in recovery, unable to get settled into your new place. Enlist help during your move if you need it, so that you will not have to lift any heavy items by yourself or risk injury.

By following these tips, you’ll make SMARTER choices during your next move, and for other great moving resources, check out our Moving

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