Five Tips For Sharing A Storage Unit

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 10, 2015  in 
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In today’s society, time shares, work space and even cabs are shared more frequently than ever. But have you ever thought about sharing a storage space? No? Read on. Perhaps you are moving. Maybe you’re headed off to college. Or maybe you simply want to have more room around your house.If you are in the market for renting a storage unit, but you would prefer to share one, consider the following helpful SMART tips to help guide you through the process and make your shared storage experience a positive one.

SMART Tip 1: Be considerate

This may sound obvious, but if you agree to share a storage unit with others, you have to remain mindful that their belongings will be housed in the unit as well. Find time in advance of your move, to sit down and discuss how many items you collectively have. This way, there are no surprises as to how many items will be stored in the unit.

Consider what you store. Your belongings are important to you, but then again your storage mate’s items are important to them. Never store hazardous materials or items that will pose a risk to you or someone else. Pay on time. If you are sharing the cost with someone else, make sure that you fulfill your obligation in the shared storage unit. Being courteous when sharing a storage unit will go a long way in helping you to have a positive storage experience.

SMART Tip 2: Check for deals

Group rates never go out of style. They are in season at amusement parks, always welcome at hotels, and perfect for sharing a storage unit. Check your local listings for storage providers in your area that offer group rates or bundled storage options. If you find that there are no current specials or promotions running at the time you need storage, reach an agreement with the individuals you are sharing your storage unit with so that you can split out the cost of your storage unit. The good news with storage is that the rates are usually so good that both parties or a group party will not have a large rental cost to cover for the storage unit. A win, win that is both financially SMART and always in style.

SMART Tip 3: SMART packing

Packing smart will help you to establish boundaries within the storage unit, but also help you to maintain peace and harmony. Once again, proper consideration needs to be taken for your items, as well as those that are shared. If you would not want a large, heavy chair placed on top of your good china, chances are neither would your storage mate. It’s all about taking the appropriate amount of time to pack carefully and store wisely. If splitting the unit down the middle works best where you take half and they take half, do that. If you want to combine items, size and weight wise, try that, but make sure that each party has the appropriate amount of square footage to work for them too.

SMART Tip 4: Take out insurance

It is always a good idea to prepare for unexpected storage mishaps. You can have the best intentions and pack extra carefully, but there is always that small chance that something may break or get lost. Renter’s insurance will cover you through those emergency moments, and help put you and those you share the storage unit with, at ease.

SMART Tip 5: Share wisely

Sharing a storage unit with someone you know is a good idea because you have a history and baseline knowledge of them. You can trust the fact that if you leave your belongings with them, they will be safe. If you decide to share a storage unit with someone you do not know, do your research. The last thing you want is for your storage experience to turn into a bad one. Make sure you know that your items are entrusted with someone you can trust. This will help you to have a positive storage experience and benefit from sharing a unit.

We hope that each of these tips will help you through the storage process, and if you need additional storage tips, please visit our Storage page.

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