Five MythsAbout Portable Storage Answered

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 21, 2015  in 
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Have you been wondering whether or not you would like to use portable storage over traditional land based storage? Do you find yourself trying to sort through a variety of storage myths? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you will be happy to know we are sorting out the myths in this post, and separating out the facts about portable storage.

Myth 1: Will I have enough room?

Yes. Portable storage units are built to hold both large and small scale items. The convenient engineering and design of portable storage units, allows them to be transported from one location to another without limiting the amount of space that you have to use for your storage needs. A perk with portable storage units is that you have storage room you can section out, making it easier to sort through items for various different rooms.

Myth 2: I can store whatever I want

False. While portable storage units are still storage units, the same types of storage safety rules apply. You want to avoid storing items that are flammable, toxic and explosive in your portable storage unit. Making smart storage choices will help you to have a positive storage experience and help keep you safe in the process.

Myth 3: I am limited on how many storage units I can order

False. You have the option to order as many portable storage units as you need. While portable storage units are not land based, you still have the ability to obtain enough, if not more storage than what you will actually need. Portable storage also is affordable, and you only pay for what you use, making it both convenient and affordable for your storage needs. 

Myth 4: I can only use portable storage for a limited time

False. Portable storage options are offered in both long-term and short-term options. Whether you only need your storage unit for a week or for several months, portable storage can be used to accommodate all of your storage needs.

Myth 5: Portable storage is not climate controlled

False. Portable storage does come with the option of climate controlled storage. Although your storage unit is delivered directly to you, you can arrange to have your portable storage unit stored at a secure, temperature controlled storage facility, so that all of your items will be stored at a set temperature setting.

Portable storage has many uses, and if you would like to learn more about all of the ways portable storage can be used, browse through our website, or visit our Storage page.

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