How to Organize Your Business Quickly After A Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 01, 2015  in 
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Moving the location of your business is an exciting step, yet it can open the door for creating issues of getting settled in after the move. While a good plan of organization will usually help to keep your business running smoothly during the moving process, it is always a good idea to make sure that you organize your business as soon as possible, after your move, so that you will not lose any ground in production or work volume.

Here are a few SMART tips to help you get organized quickly after you move your business location:

SMART Tip 1:  Unpack As Soon As Possible

The sooner you unpack the boxes and equipment from your commercial move, the sooner you can get back on track to operating your business. While some moves are more complex than others, and do take time to get settle in, unpacking your items right away allows you the opportunity to maintain a level of production, even if it is slightly impacted by the moving process. A good tip is to have an idea ahead of time, how you would like to organize your new office space, so that you will be able to place and set office items more quickly. By having a general idea of what you have to move and where it will be located in your new office will increase your chances of having a smoother moving process and an organized business.

SMART Tip 2:  Make A List Before You Move

While this may seem like an obvious or simplistic step, it really does help to organize your business after a move. A good tip is to make a departmental list of key pieces and items that you will be moving. While this may seem like extra work, it can actually help you to have an account of what all you are moving and where it can be placed in the office. In fact, this goes along with our first suggestion of unpacking quickly because even if you cannot access your new office space until move in day, you will have a better account of where items can be placed ahead of time if you have a check list. Your list will let you know where your office items need to be placed, as well as copy room items, kitchen area items and so forth. The main idea is to keep the process organized so you can settle in quickly after your move.

SMART Tip 3: Keep Current Work Items Easy to Find

Packing your office items securely is an important step, one that we strongly encourage. Yet in doing so, make sure that you still have an idea of where the items you are currently working on are packed or temporarily being stored. Mislabeling a box or not knowing where a stack of critical documents is located can be a detriment to your business. Make it a point to pack up all critical work and essential needed items in a place separate from your general office items, so that you can maintain functionality and retrieve items quickly that are needed to run your business. From contracts to files, it is important to have a running record of what you have so you can stay effective and organized in your business.

SMART Tip 4: Have Backup Communication Methods

If possible, have an additional backup method for communications and technology. Often times, internet issues that arise after a move can cause delays in your business, promoting the possibility for a disorganized work environment. Taking steps ahead of time to put a few helpful measures in place will allow you to have all the functionality you need in order to maintain a proper work flow. From Wi-Fi to other options, you will stay organized by having the means to communicate.

We hope that these steps will enable you to get organized quickly after your move, and for additional great moving tips, visit our Moving page.

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