Cleaning Out Your Closet? Try Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 08, 2015  in 
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The task of cleaning out a closet can seem a little overwhelming, especially if the closet is filled with items and belongings that have accumulated over the years.  The very thought of tackling the clutter can cause many individuals to put off the task indefinitely, resulting in disorganized closet space. If you are not able to utilize the proper storage potential of your closet, there is good news! With a good plan of action, and extra room to work with, you’ll have your closet back in no time, and be able to enjoy more space and home storage.

One of the best parts about cleaning out a closet is that closet space is traditionally smaller than other areas of a home or apartment. Less space equals less cleaning time. Depending on how many items you have stored and what those items are, will usually determine how much work you will have to do with re-organizing your closet space. A good starting point is to start pulling items out and taking inventory of what you have. Chances are, you will find that many of the items you have are taking up unnecessary room and space, preventing you from being able to use your closet.

While closets do provide good storage options, all too often they become storage units within a home, taking away the ability to store clothes, shoes, coats and other items of necessity. If you are in the process of cleaning out your closet or preparing to clean out your closet space, consider getting a storage unit to help store items you have accumulated. For instance, you may have more than one closet with an issue of space, and collectively, you can remove those items from your closets, place them in storage, and gain the additional room you need to store items for yourself or family members.

What works about the concept of using a storage unit is you remove all the clutter taking up space in your closets. A storage unit helps you to avoid redistributing clutter causing items from your closet to different areas of space within your home. Whether you have one, large closet you are cleaning or a group of closets, take a good assessment and inventory of what you have in each closet and what you will do with each item. Once you have a good idea of what you will keep, sell or store, you can begin the process of reorganizing your closet in a way that will provide you with less clutter and more valuable closet space.

Tips for Cleaning a Closet

Weigh usage: If you have not used certain items for over a year, it is a good time to consider either selling or storing those items.

Consider season: If the items in your closet are seasonal, think about utilizing storage options so that you have room to store items for the current season and avoid cluttering your closet space.

Family items:Families grow and expand and often times, closets become temporary storage units for kids who have gone away to college, babies who have grown into teenagers, children who have moved back in with parents, parents who have moved in with children, newly married couples and a variety of other scenarios. Before you realize it, closets are completely full and cluttered. In cases like these, storage represents a great alternative for storing all your family’s items and allowing you the living space you need to function in an organized space.

Hopefully, these tips will help you as you clean out your closet or closets, and provide you with helpful ways to approach organizing and cleaning your closet space. For additional tips and helpful storage advice, visit our Storage page.

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