SMARTBOX is Not PODS®: Breaking Down the Difference

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 16, 2015  in 
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In the portable self-storage industry, there are several differences that set one company apart from another. From design and style to shape and width, each portable storage company brings something different to the table, and in this blog comparison, we’ll continue to break down the difference between two popular portable storage competitors, SMARTBOX and PODS®.

When looking at the overall differences between SMARTBOX and PODS®, it is important to keep in mind that SMARTBOX is not PODS®. Both SMARTBOX and PODS® offer portable storage services, but SMARTBOX, or “Smartboxes” as we like to refer to them are different from the storage units that PODS® uses. We’ve taken a look at the size, design, price and availability, but what about the process?

The SMARTBOX process is simple, secure and easy. Our portable moving and storage containers are delivered directly to your door, via our transport lift truck. While PODS® uses the PODZILLA® loading system, the SMARTBOX loading system works in cooperation with our conveniently sized Smartboxes. Since SMARTBOX containers are smaller in size for your convenience in loading and reaching capability, our delivery trucks are also convenient in size which makes a difference when your SMARTBOX delivery truck needs to pull into narrow streets, loading zone areas, side street parking and various other neighborhood and business areas.

We want your moving and storage process to be simple and easy, by having a conveniently sized transport and delivery system that is not too big, but still efficient for all of your moving and storage needs.

At SMARTBOX, we strive to make your moving and storage process as affordable as possible, eliminating the need for you to have to pay for a lot of extra items to use in conjunction with your moving and storage service. The way we have designed the SMARTBOX container is to serve in a way that is both functional and affordable. Our easy to load and reach containers are created with the purpose of not only storing your items effectively but also protecting your items.

When comparing SMARTBOX to other providers, such as PODS®, the process of how the SMARTBOX container works helps to save on additional costs that might accrue during the storage process. For example, storage and moving containers that are not made of the same breathable, wood based structure that SMARTBOX is made of could require customers to purchase more products to help aid in the deterrence of rust and odor build up. While this will help with the protection of items, it is an added cost for you as you complete the moving and storage process.

With SMARTBOX, you avoid having to pay extra costs and fees for items such as moisture absorbers which are used in the prevention of mold and mildew that can build up during storage. Since SMARTBOX moving and storage containers are designed with a breathable foundation, you gain the benefit of fresh, natural air absorption without losing the added protection​ of a durable canvas and wood based structure. This saves your belongings, as well as extra money in your pocket, and allows you to avoid having to spend extra money during the moving and storage process.

We hope that your moving and storage process will be effective and easy, and we hope that we can provide you with a great moving and storage experience.

If you would like additional moving and storage tips, as well as helpful advice on how to make your moving and storage experience easier, visit our Blog or check out our Moving and Storage page.

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