Fall Cleaning? How Storage Can Help

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 26, 2015  in 
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Now that fall is here, summer is gone and it is the perfect time to start fall cleaning. While many tend to focus on spring cleaning, fall cleaning is a great way to transition from the summer, get reorganized and prepare for the colder months to come. Since we believe in providing storage solutions that are both helpful and easy,we would like to offer up some storage solutions that will give you some additional options for cleaning this fall.

To help you get started on your fall cleaning, consider some of the following ways a storage unit can help make the task of fall cleaning a little easier.

Store summer furniture

A storage unit can be very helpful for a fall cleaning project, especially if you are trying to add a little more organization to your overall interior and exterior space.Storage works well for storing away summer patio furniture you want to protect as the weather cools down and shifts towards winter. A good tip is to cover and protect your summer furniture with a durable plastic wrap or cloth, depending on the material. This is an important step to complete, prior to placing your summer furniture into storage so that it will maintain its condition and appearance for the next summer season.This storage tip will allow you to clean off your patio for the fall, and save you money next summer because you will avoid having to buy new patio furniture due to wear and tear.

Store pool supplies

If you own a pool, and you would like to clean up your pool area for fall, a storage unit can help. From pool equipment to pool related items, a storage unit can give you back a part of your backyard or home for the fall season. After all, as leaves begin to fall off the trees and settle into your yard, you’ll want to avoid stumbling over pool toys or other items from the summer season. A good tip is to utilize the additional room that a storage unit offers. If you are already storing summer furniture, why not add your pool equipment too? In fact, fall cleaning can become simple and easy when you use a storage unit because you will avoid cluttering your home with summer items that may end up taking up space in your garage or attic. The added benefit to a storage unit is that you gain additional room, and you can keep your home organized for the new fall season.

Store lawn equipment

As yard work begins to wind down for the season, this is a great time to think about getting a storage unit so you will have a place to store all of your lawn equipment items. Often times, garages become the go to storage place for all things designated for lawn care, but if your garage is already filled with vehicles, and several other items, lawn equipment can sometimes get lost in the clutter. In order to keep your lawn equipment, functional and ready for the next summer season, consider getting a storage unit so you can store your items, avoid adding additional clutter to your garage, and still have access to them when you need them next summer.

Hopefully, these tips will provide you with helpful fall cleaning solutions that will allow you to find provision for all of your summer items, so that you can transition into this new fall season with ease. If you would like additional storage resources or more information on some of the storage services that we offer, visit our Blog or our Storage page.

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