Five Security Tips For Your Next Move

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 09, 2015  in 
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Moving Tips

Moving into a home is an exciting opportunity, and one that requires a lot of detailed planning and preparation. From packing up your belongings to getting settled in, moving involves a lot of different factors, including security. In previous blog entries, we have highlighted ways you can avoid theft during a move, and keeping in line with that theme, we want to provide you with some helpful security tips before and after you move into a home.

When you move, keep the following SMART tips in mind:

SMART Tip 1: Change Your Locks

Having a sense of security within your home is important, and part of that security stems from being able to lock your doors. Whether you are moving into a brand new home or moving into an existing home, a good idea is to change your locks once the home is officially yours. Having a new set of locks guarantees that you are the only one with access and entry into your home, adding an additional sense of security to your move.

SMART Tip 2: Reprogram Your Garage

Garage doors are often programmed, making access and entry into a home quick and easy. While most transfers of home property usually occur without issue, it is still a good security tip to reprogram your garage door if applicable. This simple step will eliminate the chances of anyone else having access to your property and provide you with additional security when you move in.

SMART Tip 3: Get An Alarm System

A home security system is a great safety provision for your home. If you are moving into a home that does not have an alarm system, have one installed prior to moving in all of your furniture and belongings. The added benefit to this is that the technician completing your installation process will have easier access to necessary rooms and outlets, making it easier for your security system to be added.

SMART Tip 4: Invest in Outlet Timers

Outlet timers are an added security measure that work great for a home. From going on vacation, to getting in late at night, having an outlet timer allows you to illuminate your home when you are not there, adding an extra layer of security and protection for your home. Most outlet timers are inexpensive, easy to program and can be found at your local hardware store; a small price to protect your big investment.

SMART Tip 5: Meet Your Neighbors

Once you get settled into your new neighborhood and get adjusted, try to meet your neighbors. This is a great way to learn more about your new area, as well as provide help from someone who can look out for your home while you are on vacation or away. Whether your neighbors pick up your newspaper and mail for you, or set out your trash bin and put it away for you, having a set of eyes and ears while you are out of town can add security to your home when other options may not be available.

Hopefully, these SMART tips will help you before and after you move into your home and provide you with security and protection. If you would like to read up on additional moving tips or check out our additional moving resources, visit our Blog or Moving page.

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