Portable Storage Vs. Traditional Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 05, 2016  in 
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When looking at various different storage options, one comparison that often arises is the difference between portable and traditional storage. Each type represents a great way to store items and belongings, but they do have their differences.

Traditional storage is usually land based, and often times may require the need to rent an additional transport vehicle to transfer storage items back and forth from your home or office, to the storage facility. Portable storage is all encompassing, in that the storage unit is delivered directly to you at your home or office, providing you with the ability to skip a lot of the other tasks that go along with traditional storage. You avoid having to use a moving truck or your own vehicle, and you also gain the convenience of never having to leave work or your home to pack your storage unit.

Flexibility options usually vary between traditional and portable storage units. For example, a traditional land based storage facility may have certain operating hours in which you can pack up your storage unit. With portable storage, you have a wide range of flexibility for when you pack your storage unit. In many cases, portable storage users will keep the storage unit on site at their home or other site of origin while they complete the packing process of the storage unit. Without a time constraint on when you have to be finished, portable storage users find that they have a little more flexibility with the portable storage unit process.

Portable storage works well for companies and business owners who do a lot of mobile transporting for their businesses. From trade shows and expos to outdoor conferences, portable storage units provide a way for business owners to have extra, on-site storage as they conduct their business, giving them the additional capability to bring more materials with them, as well as mobile inventory.

Traditional storage units are often located on lots that may or may not be harder to maneuver through and park in, especially with larger moving type trucks. With portable storage, all the maneuvering and parking of your items is completed by the portable storage process.

Both traditional and portable storage options are usually offered short and long term, but with portable storage, you often have the ability to utilize your storage unit with local and long distance moves. For example, if you end up moving to another city, far from where your traditional storage unit is, with a portable storage unit, you often have the ability to have your items transported for you via portable long distance moving and storage service. An additional benefit to this is that in many cases, you avoid having to pack and unpack a storage unit, and prepare a moving truck for a long distance move.  Portable storage allows you to pack your unit directly from your home or office and avoid the extra packing and unpacking that sometimes comes with traditional storage.

While there are many different types of storage to choose from, we are dedicated to providing portable storage solutions that help make the storage process a little easier. For additional storage information and tips, visit our Storage page or check out our Blog.

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