Five Helpful Storage Tips For the New Year

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 15, 2016  in 
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As we embark on a new year, it is a time for renewal and organization. From purchasing new calendars to creating goals for the year, there are many different ways individuals set out to create a plan for the year. If you are in the process of getting organized for 2016, one of the easiest ways you can achieve that is to clear away all of the unnecessary clutter. You will be amazed at how organized you can become simply by freeing up space in the areas that need it the most.


Your home is your escape from it all, the place where you unwind and relax from the day. Yet, if your home is an obstacle course of clutter and too much unused furniture, it may be time for you to take on a new storage method for 2016. Consider some of the areas in your home where you are lacking adequate space. Take inventory of all of the items that are creating a clutter problem and commit to de-cluttering a little bit each month of the year. If it helps to tackle a room a month, try that. If you can de-clutter in less time, try that too. The main goal is to establish an organizational space saving plan that can take you throughout the year and provide you with a more spacious and relaxing environment.

Once you know which areas in your home are the most cluttered, try getting a storage unit so that you can start off fresh for the new year, and store items away as needed. The benefit to this process is that you can make seasonal storage changes throughout the year and maintain a constant level of clutter-free living space within your home.

If you prefer to utilize storage methods within your home, consider items that you want to keep and items that you want to sell or give away. This will still help you to free up space and avoid adding to an already existing clutter problem.

Be resourceful in how you store items, and consider ways you can repurpose various items within your home so that you can find alternative methods of storage that offer you the additional storage space you need.


With several hours spent at the office each year, it is important to have a good, organizational space saving plan. If your office has been cluttered over the last year, the new year is the perfect time to start fresh and get organized. If you have year end work that is closing out or seasonal inventory that you will no longer need, place those items and files into storage so that you can have more space and room to complete your work.

By having a work space and office that is free from clutter, you can increase your productivity, find needed work items more easily, and have an overall sense of organization and structure that is essential for any office environment.

Once again, take inventory of the items that may be cluttering up your office and consider whether or not you want to store or sell those items, then free up space accordingly. The main goal you want to accomplish is to create a method for the year in which you remove items that may be cluttering up your work areas, so that you have an atmosphere for production and increased success. We hope that you will have a prosperous and happy new year and that we can help provide you with storage solutions that work. For more information on storage resources, visit our Blog or feel free to browse through our website.

Dusty Rhodes