Five Myths About Portable Moving Answered

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 21, 2016  in 
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We featured a previous post on five common myths about portable storage and we thought we would do the same for five common myths about portable moving. We took a look at some of the most common questions and thoughts surrounding the concept of a portable move, and decided to break down the facts and the myths.

Myth 1: Will the moving container be large enough?

Yes. Portable moving containers are designed to hold as much, if not more items. The convenient design of portable storage units, allows them to be placed together to create multiple, sectional moving space or used individually as one moving container. Whether a piece of furniture is large or small, portable moving containers are built to handle moves as effectively as traditional moving methods.

Most portable moving options will enable you to utilize as many portable moving containers as you need to, allowing you plenty of space for all of your furniture and belongings.

Myth 2: I am not on a tight deadline to complete my move.

True.The good part about using portable moving services is you are not locked into a lot of the traditional deadlines that go with non-portable moving methods. When your moving containers are delivered to you, you have the ability to pack at your leisure, making your overall moving process less rushed and stressful. You avoid having to worry about getting a moving truck returned by a certain time, and all the transporting is done for you.

Myth 3: I can only pack a certain number of items.

False. You have the option to pack as much as you would like. A good idea is to take inventory of all the items you are going to move, so you will have a general idea of how many portable moving containers you need. Whether you need one or several containers, portable moving containers can still accommodate all of your moving needs.

Myth 4: I can only use portable moving containers locally.

False. Portable moving containers can also be transported across interstate moves. Depending on how far you have to move, it is best to choose a portable moving transport option that will transport your moving containers directly from your original destination to your new location. The convenience of this is that you avoid having to arrange for your belongings to be moved long distance or transporting them yourself. You also gain the option of using your long distance moving container as a storage unit.

Myth 5: Portable moving does not offer the same traditional moving options

False. Portable moving provides the same moving resources you will find with traditional moving companies. In fact, portable moving actually goes a step or two further because the moving options are delivered directly to you and also transported for you. If you need packing assistance, that can be provided, as well as packing resources. Portable moving allows you to have added convenience and flexibility.

We look forward to sorting out additional myths and facts in the future, as well as providing you with SMART moving and storage tips that work. If you would like additional moving tips and resources, visit our moving page and blog.

Dusty Rhodes