Have A Cluttered Kitchen? Storage Can Help

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 29, 2016  in 
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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, and one of the easiest places for clutter to accumulate. From overstuffed drawers and cabinets to too many dishes and miscellaneous items, kitchens often become the focal point for storing extra clutter. If you are running out of space in your kitchen and you need extra room, consider some of the ways storage can help you de-clutter your kitchen area.

Here are some SMART Tips for kitchen storage solutions:

Extra Dishes

If you have a lot of extra dishes in your home, and your cabinet space has become limited, consider placing some of your extra dishes into storage. The benefit to this is that you will still be able to keep your original dishes and add new style into your collection. Depending on the type of dishes you have, be sure to pack them carefully for storage. Glass dishes should be carefully wrapped in protective padding or bubble wrap to prevent breakage and scratches. Clay plates and bowls should also be covered well, prior to storing inside of your storage box. Once all dishes are carefully wrapped and packaged, be sure to add extra cushioning into the storage box so that your dishes will not break during transport to storage.


Drinking glasses and mugs can accumulate over time, especially if they hold sentimental value. If you are in need of additional room because too many glasses and mugs are cluttering up your kitchen, place them in storage and reclaim that space in your kitchen. The goal is to keep your kitchen functional and clutter-free but it is a goal that can be achieved while keeping items that still have meaning for you. Follow the same careful packing guidelines for all of your breakable dishes and be sure to label your storage box as fragile.


Trying out new, delicious and tasty recipes is always a welcome treat, but too many cookbooks can quickly lead to a recipe for clutter. If you want to take back your kitchen and free up some additional room, place some of your extra cookbooks that you no longer use into storage. The good news is that you will still have your cookbooks available for when you are ready to use them, and you will have room in your kitchen to add your current, delicious recipes.

Miscellaneous Items

Kitchens have a way of becoming a location for various miscellaneous items in the home. From that extra storage drawer that has various warranties and manuals for all of your kitchen appliances, to paper products, tools, light bulbs, picnic items, coolers and any number of additional household items that somehow make it to your extra kitchen drawers or pantry area. Your kitchen should be an area free of clutter and one that you can relax, cook and enjoy a great meal in. If your kitchen has too many miscellaneous items, try placing some of the extra items in storage so that you can enjoy a clutter free kitchen environment. Kitchens make such a statement in a home, so let yours make an organized and clutter-free statement.

Storage units are secure and climate controlled, so they offer you an extension of your household protection and coverage. Whether you store kitchen items in the hot heat of the summer or store items during the cold, frigid winters, you can rest assured knowing that a storage unit will provide you with the added room you need in a protected way.

If you find that you do not have enough items to fill up an entire storage unit that is ok because a storage unit can come in handy for other areas of your home as well. The benefit to a storage unit is that you can use it long-term or short-term and add to or take out when you need to.

Rediscover the beauty of your kitchen and consider choosing storage as a method to rid your kitchen of extra clutter. Hopefully these SMART tips will help you stay clutter-free and for additional storage tips for the home or other storage needs, visit our Storage page, check out our blog or browse through our website for great ways that storage can solve your clutter problem.

Dusty Rhodes