Five Ways Storage Can Help Your Office Renovation

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 26, 2016  in 
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Have you been thinking about renovating your office space, but the idea of having to rearrange and move clutter out of the way is holding you back? If your answer is yes, the good news is you don’t have to postpone plans to remodel your office. You can create the office design you want now, simply by using storage.

Why Storage Works
Storage works because office renovations can range from simple to complex. While simple remodeling may not involve a lot of heavy construction, complex renovations can. Keeping this in mind, it is helpful to have a place where you can temporarily store office furniture and belongings during the duration of your office renovation. Storage units are safe, climate-controlled, as well as large in size, making them ideal for storing office items.

If you are embarking on an office renovation, here are five ways storage can help:

Structural Additions
As your business grows and expands, so does the need for more office space. While moving to a larger office is usually a great option, it can sometimes be difficult to do, especially if your current location is convenient for your business. Adding a structural addition allows you to expand upon the office space you currently have, without making a major move.

Covering furniture with drop cloth or other protective measures is fine, but the potential for damage could still occur. Staining materials could leak through the cloth, or objects could fall on top of office objects, causing breaks or scratches. Storage provides you with a place to temporarily store furniture and office items so you can completely avoid exposing them to any construction damage that may or may not occur.

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a great way to update the overall appearance of your office. Whether you choose bright, vivid color or a more neutral, softer tone, paint can transform your office into a space that looks brand new. So what happens if you decide to take on an office painting project, but you have too much office clutter in the way? Try storage. After all, as you paint each wall in your office, you want to avoid getting paint on your furniture and various other items that might be impacted by fresh paint. Moving clutter out of the way gives you complete access to each wall, without having to paint around items still present in the office.

Uneven paint jobs can cause issues later, especially if you can only reach certain parts of your wall. Months down the road, if you decide to rearrange your office, the places on the wall that were previously blocked by clutter will reveal differences in paint color, adding more work for you at a later date. Storage allows you to move all the clutter out of the way the first time, so that you can paint your entire wall, leaving no spots untouched.

New Carpet
Fresh carpet can do wonders for an office, but office furniture sitting on the carpet can get in the way of the installation process. Obtaining a storage unit is a great solution. A storage unit allows you to completely clear your entire floor, so that your carpet can be installed without any hassles or limitations.  

Replacing Furniture
Furniture replacement during a renovation adds to the overall change in the appearance of the office. If you are looking to hold onto existing furniture pieces, as well as office pieces that will not appear in the newly remodeled office, storage offers a great alternative. With storage, you can keep as many items as you want from your pre-renovated office without having to give them away or sell them. You avoid the possibility of storing extra furniture in your office, which usually creates clutter, and storage allows you to set the terms for how long you will store your office belongings.  

If you decide to replace your floors with another type of material other than carpet, the same benefits of storage apply. From wood floors to tile, having a storage unit designated for office items will allow you to store items while your office floor renovations are taking place.

Since certain types of floors require special setting methods and the avoidance of anything sitting on top of them as they dry, storage alleviates that issue so that nothing will interfere with your office floor replacement.  

So if you have been holding back on office renovations or postponing an office remodel, don’t wait another day. Let storage help you get started. For more storage tips, visit our Storage page or check out our Blog

Dusty Rhodes