Five More Myths About Portable Moving Answered

by Dusty Rhodes on May 31, 2016  in 
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Last year, we featured posts on five common myths about portable storage, as well as five common myths about portable moving.  We decided we would take an additional look at some of the myths and questions people have about portable moves, and further break down and separate the facts and myths of portable moving. 

Myth 1: I can only use portable moving for a residential move.
False.  Portable moving containers can be used for both residential and commercial moves. In fact, portable moving containers are ideal for commercial moves. With the busy production pace of a lot of businesses, portable moving allows you the opportunity to still stay at work, while you pack and prepare for your move. Portable moving helps you to not skip a beat during the moving process which is great for your business and your production goals.

Myth 2: Portable moving availability is limited
False. Portable moving containers are often more available than traditional moving trucks. This is especially the case during busy peak moving seasons where traditional companies have possibly overbooked reservations. Additionally, portable storage gives you a more personalized moving experience because it is delivered directly to your home or office, and is available for your convenience and scheduling needs.

Myth 3: I can only pack moving boxes.
False. Portable moving containers are designed to hold moving boxes, furniture and more. Depending on how many items you have to move, you have the option to use as many portable moving containers as you need to in order to accommodate all of your belongings. You can move your furniture, electronics, appliances, moving boxes and more. Keep in mind though, portable moving containers do have the same restrictions on hazardous materials or chemicals that should not be transported on a moving vehicle which is an importance safety precaution to always remember.

Myth 4: Portable moving containers cannot be used for storage too.
False. Portable moving containers can be used for storage and help make the moving process even more convenient for local or long distance moves. Since your belongings are already organized and packed into the storage unit, it is simply a matter of choosing to have your belongings stored at a secure portable storage facility. With the convenient organizational ability of portable moving, your moving and storage will be organized throughout the complete process of your move.

Myth 5: Portable moving is more expensive.
False. Portable moving is affordable and offers great discounts that many traditional moving companies will not provide due to the high demand and need of services. Portable moving containers give you more for your money because you typically only pay for the resources that you use, as opposed to getting a traditional moving truck that may cost you more money in the long run.

Portable moving is a great way to complete a move, and we hope it will be a beneficial resource for you as you plan your next move. We look forward to sorting out more myths and facts in the future, as well as providing you with moving services that meet your moving needs.  If you would like additional moving tips and resources, visit our Moving page or check out our Blog.

Dusty Rhodes