Summer Storage Tips For College Students

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 06, 2016  in 
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With summer break already here for some, and just around the corner for others, many college students are looking for ways to find extra storage space for the summer.  While storage options vary, depending on whether or not you’re in a dorm or living off-campus in an apartment, there are some great storage options available that will provide you with the storage you need during your summer break.

If you are a college student and you are in need of additional storage this summer, check out the following summer storage tips:

Look Early
With many residential customers moving during the heart of the summer, college students often have the summer storage advantage because of when spring semesters end. By getting your storage unit at the beginning of the summer, you get the maximum benefit on summer storage savings, as well as your choice of storage units which can go quickly as the summer carries on.

A good idea is to take inventory of what all you have to store, then check on storage options that will meet your storage needs. If you don’t feel like you have enough items to fill a storage unit all by yourself, ask a friend or roommate if they would like to split a storage unit with you. This will allow you to have the storage you need, and save additional money by splitting the storage fees.

Portable Storage
Portable storage is a great option because it offers you the option of having your storage unit delivered directly to you. This is convenient for college students who do not have a car, and need to store items during the summer. Portable storage options also tend to be more cost effective, offering student discounts which are ideal for college students who are trying to save extra money.

If your schedule is tight or you don’t have time to leave campus and rent a separate moving truck, portable storage helps to alleviate that issue, and it will save you the hassle of an extra moving truck fee. College costs can really add up, and any amount of money you can save, is worth it.

Save Shipping Costs
Since many college students live away from home, moving at the end of the school year often means having to ship items home. If you are a college student who will return back to your university in the fall, summer storage is a great option so that you can have access to your  belongings when you return from summer break. Why pay high shipping fees, only to have to move your items back for the next school year? Try summer storage so that all of your items will be waiting for you when you return next year. You will appreciate the convenience of already having what you need in the city of your university so you can focus on the school year in the fall.

Hopefully these tips will help you with all of your summer storage needs, and for more great storage tips, check out our Blog or visit our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes