How Storage Can Help Your Local Community

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 05, 2016  in 
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Local communities across the country offer a variety of resources geared at helping residents with various community needs. From donating clothes to feeding the hungry, community service centers are a great way to serve the needs of those who need them most. Yet often times, space can be limited, resulting in a lack of proper resources for housing needed community aid. The solution? Storage. Storage means space and space means the ability to store items that will benefit the community.

If your local community needs extra storage resources, perhaps storage can help with some of the following efforts:

Food Drives
With food banks often short on storage room, storage units can offer additional space and room for non-perishable items. Local community efforts can benefit from community storage drives where people can drop off donations that can be stored in portable storage units. Not only will this enable food banks to keep their food supplies well stocked, but it can benefit communities by feeding others when they need help. 

Clothing Drives
Community clothing drives are a great way to assist your community with clothing needs, but often times, there may not be enough access for individuals to reach where the clothing is. Portable storage units can go into communities where clothing can be dropped off and donated then given to those who need it the most. Many people take a change of clothes for granted but for those who need help, storage can provide your local community with that assistance.

A good tip for local community center leaders is to seek out storage company assistance to see how storage units can be used for a clothing drive donation day.  

Toy Drives
If you are organizing a community toy drive, storage is a great way for you to store all of the toys that your community donates and gives. In fact, portable storage works especially well when hosting a local community toy drive.

Portable storage is easy to deliver, making it convenient and easy for those who would like to donate or drop off a toy for a child. We actually dedicated a post to this during the holiday season, but we want to again highlight the fact that this is a need that is all year round and local community centers can really benefit from donations and drives for items that many take for granted.

Storage provides a way for local community centers to store and house donated toys throughout the year so that families can be helped the whole year through.

Disaster Relief
Natural disasters can strike without warning often leaving widespread damage. While disaster relief organizations are often some of the first organizations to help aid in relief efforts, storage facilities are also able to assist and help with much needed supplies and disaster relief aid.  

Portable storage units have the ability to be stored on-site when no other shelter is convenient. Storage can be placed directly within damaged neighborhoods or commercial areas, offering instant help and assistance to local communities.  

We hope these ideas will help your community, and for more storage tips or storage resources, feel free to browse through our website or visit our storage page. 

Dusty Rhodes