How to Move Your Accounting Firm Securely

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 08, 2016  in 
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Protecting sensitive material during a move is essential, especially if you are an accounting firm. With the responsibility of handling important financial documents, balancing budgets and various other accounting information on a daily basis, accounting firms require a certain level of security even when a move is not taking place.

If you are in the process of planning to move your accounting firm, or you will be moving your firm in the near future, it is possible to complete a safe move so that all of your financial information is protected.

Consider some of the following key guidelines while moving your accounting firm:  

Hire A Trusted, Reliable Moving Company
The moving company you choose should be a reliable one, especially if they are going to be moving highly sensitive, financial documentation. Do your research, read reviews, consult other firms you know have moved and find out about what kind of moving experience they had with a particular moving company. Having the reassurance of knowing your belongings are in good hands helps ease the burden of stress often associated with a business move.

Pack Securely
When you begin packing up your office space, take special care in what you leave out and how you pack it. Financial information with social security numbers and various other sensitive material should never be left out in the open for anyone to see. Make sure boxes are sealed tightly and packed well so that they will not accidentally open during the moving transport process.

If you have to shred certain documents prior to your move, allow time for that. There are reliable shredding companies that will pick up sensitive documents that need to be shredded and they often offer on-site shredding service at their company. Make sure you check to see if these companies are licensed, bonded and insured so that you know you are receiving optimal protection for your sensitive material.

Move During the Daytime
Plan your move during daylight hours. While this may not seem like a significant tip, it can actually help your move to go more securely. The light of day provides you with more awareness of what is going on around you which helps to protect your moving process.

Update Your Physical Mailing Address
Since accounting firms receive a lot of highly sensitive documents and information, it is important to update your new physical mailing address as soon as possible. This will help to ensure that you receive all of your important documents, as well as correspondence. People often think of identity theft as only being a potential residential problem, but commercial businesses can face issues as well, and it is always better to make sure you keep your accounting firm as secure as you possibly can.  

Update Your Online Business Presence
Make sure your online presence is also updated so that your new physical address matches your listed business address. Not only will this help to keep your business information secure, but it will also help to ensure that people, delivery services or clients are able to locate your business when searching for it.

Updating your online presence also ensures that all of your domain information is also protected in the event an issue occurs if your website is offline for a few days during your moving process.

Hopefully, these moving tips will help you move your accounting firm securely, and for additional moving tips, browse through our website which offers a great variety of moving resources all created to help make your moving experience a little easier.

Dusty Rhodes