Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 25, 2016  in 
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One of the most used areas in any house, condominium, or apartment is the kitchen. Pots, pans, forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups, etc. all reside in this part of a residence. Listed below are some helpful tips to help organize any kitchen effectively. 

Use A Dry Erase Board- A good dry erase board is an effective organizational tool to have in any kitchen. It allows you to write down notes, important lists, or ideas as you think about them. This would also be an effective way to check off chores as you complete them each day. This is a tremendous way to not only stay organized, but to physically be able see progress, giving you the peace of mind that you accomplished something during the day.

Use Paper Plates and Plastic Silverware- Paper and plastic to the rescue! This is a great, effective way to reduce clean up time after a meal. It’s also great for people that are in a hurry and on the go. Just eat on it, and throw it away. Not only does this effectively save time, but it also provides more space because dirty dishes will not take up space in your kitchen. 

Rack Your Dishes- Find an effective rack to put your dishes on. This will allow your dishes to stay organized and protected in your cabinet. Depending on space availability, you might be able to find a large enough dish rack that would allow organize dishes based on size, which would save space and make items easier to find. 

Drawer Separators- Drawer separators, especially when dealing with spoon, forks, and knives can be very efficient and helpful. This will allow you to organize things based on use and size.  Small forks go together, big forks go together, big spoons go together, etc. You can even take it one step further by labeling the specific places where each type of utensil is stored. This will allow you to grab the utensil you need and go about your business in a quick and efficient manner. 

Magnets Are Magnificent- Magnets are a very helpful tool in the kitchen. They are a quick, easy, and space saving way to keep things in the kitchen. Whether it’s a school schedule, food recipe, or an athletic schedule magnets can satisfy your needs. Magnets are an effective use of space that allows people to find information they need quickly.

We hope that some of these tips are useful when going through the process of organizing your kitchen. For more information and storage tips on a variety of different subjects, please visit the Blog section of our website.

Dusty Rhodes