Tips For Storing Sports Memorabilia

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 13, 2016  in 
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Are you passionate about sports? Do you like to collect sports memorabilia? Are you currently in a situation that requires you to put your valuable sports collectibles in storage?  If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then keep reading to find tips on how to store sports memorabilia effectively.

Space, Space, Space- Like anything else, make sure you have plenty of space when storing your valued sports memorabilia. Whether its an extra room in your home or a possible storage unit, the more space you have the better off you will be. More space in many situations, also means more protection, especially for larger items. Certain items might even need their own private storage area. Larger items that have their own storage areas will help prevent scratches or other possible damage that could take place if these items were stored in small surface areas.

Proper Protection- Just like the offensive line protects the quarterback in football, your storage choice for your sports valuables must protect them as well. If you are going to be storing things for a long period of time, make sure you choose an option that will protect against harmful substances such as rust or mildew. Many storage companies will offer wooden interior options on storage units that will help prevent this kind of damage. Many of the units that storage companies offer are weather resistant as well.

Portability is a Plus- The quicker and more efficiently athletes can move around during competition, the better off they will be. The same can be said when it comes to storing you sports memorabilia, portability is defiantly a plus. Portability allows you to have access to your memorabilia whenever needed. Also, portable storage options provide you with maneuverability, flexibility, and versatility. This gives you as much time as you need to prepare the proper, permanent location for your sports memorabilia in your new residence.

Sports memorabilia provides many positive memories for many people, whether it's from your old playing days or just collector's items. We hope that these suggestions will help you store your sports memorabilia effectively. Check out our other Blogs for more information on a variety of moving and storage topics. 

Dusty Rhodes