Ways to Make Commercial Moving Convenient

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 25, 2016  in 
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There can be a lot of moving parts with a commercial relocation that require a lot of time. So, if you are about to go through this process, you probably want to know: What are some convenient ways I can get my company’s goal accomplished. We have listed some tips below to help this process run smoothly for you and your business.

Communication is Key- Let your employees know about your transition plans as early as possible. This will allow then time to make any necessary adjustments they need to make in order to meet any deadlines that may be involved with your commercial relocation process.

Moving Checklist- Provide your employees with a moving and transition checklist. This will ensure that nothing gets left behind or left out while employees are packing their things to make the move to a different location. The earlier employees are provided with the checklist, the less rushed they will feel, and the less likely something will get left behind.

Appoint a Moving Coordinator- Appoint a primary point of contact to directly communicate with the moving company you choose to handle your relocation transition. Write down any questions or concerns you might have and let one person ask the movers. Write down the answers and email them to the appropriate party. This will help decrease the amount of miscommunication that could take place during this time of transition.

Rent a Storage Unit- Storage units are always a good option in terms of organization and if your things involved with the relocation are not going to be able to placed in their new home for an extended period of time. Many storage units that companies offer are large enough to store things in several different sections within the unit. Also, many interiors of units are equipped to protect against substances, while many exteriors of units are equipped to handle all types of weather conditions. Your essentials will stay protected for as long as needed.

Take Care of Administrative Issues- Make sure you let all patients, clients, etc. know about your relocation. File for a change of address and update any records that will be effected, either electronically or manually.

We want your business to always thrive, regardless of any transition or relocation change that might take place. We hope that these tips are helpful as you go about the commercial moving process. For further information on a variety of moving and storage topics, visit our additional Blogs.

Dusty Rhodes