Remodeling Your Bathroom? How Storage Can Help

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 08, 2016  in 
  • Organization

Have you ever wanted to remodel your bathroom? Have you ever wondered how you are going to control the amount of clutter inside your bathroom while getting this process accomplished? Have no fear, there are several ways in which storage can help you when remolding your bathroom. Read ahead to find out how.

Take Out the Trash- Get rid of anything and everything that you know is not going to be of use to you. You can donate all of your unused items, or have a garage sale to make some extra money. Once you get rid of unwanted items, extra space will be created that can be used to help you accomplish your remolding project.

Racks to the Rescue- There are racks of all shapes and sizes out there that can be a tremendous asset to you when you are remodeling your bathroom. Put things like bath towels, bath tissue, toiletries, and medications on these racks to help save space.

Multipurpose Drawers- If you are like most people, we tend to throw things in a drawer when we need to get them out of the way quickly. This is no different when it comes to things in the bathroom. However, there is a way to keep things neat, and organized. Turn one or two drawers in your bathroom into multipurpose drawers through the use of drawer dividers. This will allow you to put your toothpaste and toothbrush in one section, your razor and shaving cream in another section, etc. This process will not only help save space, but it will also make the items in your bathroom easier to find.

Shower Caddies- When the word caddie is mentioned, many people probably assume that it has to do with the sport of golf, right? Well, in this case you can use a caddie in the shower that will conveniently hold things like soap, shampoo, or razors. The use of shower caddies often allows for quick, easy access to things while you are in the shower, which saves you time and prevents frustration.

We are always striving to help people with different household projects. Hopefully you will consider some of these tips when remodeling your bathroom. If you would like more information on a variety of moving and storage topics, feel free to browse through our additional SMARTBOX Blogs.

Dusty Rhodes