How to Move a Hoarder: 5 Helpful Tips

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 06, 2017  in 
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According to Wikipedia, a hoarder is an individual that is obsessed with the acquisition of a large number of objects in the home and is unwilling to discard them. Hoarding can often lead to a great amount of stress and tension among roommates or families. So, when people who are considered hoarders have to relocate, the question will arise: “How can we successfully relocate all of these items?” Below you will find five helpful tips for moving a hoarder to a new home.


Educate them- If you need to assist in the relocation of a hoarder, then you first need to educate them about the situation. Explain to them the definition of hoarding and politely inform them that they display some of those tendencies. When educating them about the situation, be sure to do so in a positive manner. Try to avoid aggressive behavior or saying things that could cause conflict. You should avoid statements such as, “You’re a hoarder, and you need to change.” Instead, when having this conversation, you should stick to the facts.  Hoarding has the potential to cause safety risks because the person may not be able to leave their residence should an emergency situation arise. Hoarding can also affect a person’s social life. Excessive clutter can lead to isolation, which might affect life-long relationships.

Lend a Helping Hand- Find out if the person involved is open to assistance with their hoarding situation. If they are, offer to help them organize their home and eliminate any unnecessary clutter. However, you should approach this situation in a gentle manner because hoarders often become attached to their belongings, so letting them go may be difficult. They may become emotional and ultimately not listen to anyone if they feel that they are being attacked instead of helped.

Create a Plan of Action- The first step in any stressful situation is knowing and admitting that a problem exists and asking for help. Once the problem has been identified a plan of action can be developed. People who struggle with hoarding need to set attainable goals. Therefore, it would be beneficial to write down a number of goals and set a timeline when they should be accomplished. This will allow them to stay organized throughout the entire process making the process less stressful. This may even lead to positive long-term changes in their daily behavior.

Rent Storage Containers- Storage containers would be a great option for people who have to move a large number of belongings. In some cases, there may not be enough room in the home for all of the belongings. Renting a storage container during the relocation process allows for the opportunity to store excess items until there is time to sort through them and determine what should be kept and what items need to be discarded.

Stay Positive- No matter how stressful the situation is or may become, always remember to stay positive while dealing with a hoarder during the moving process. Offer problem-solving skills and techniques that will be beneficial to the situation. Let them make the final decision, but try to communicate and offer advice in such a way that allows them to discard items that they believe are no longer needed. At the end of the day, being positive is one of the best ways to help a hoarder complete a successful relocation.  


Hoarding is a problem that many people struggle with, and it can affect many areas of your life if it is not dealt with effectively. The information above will assist and educate people who are trying to help a hoarder relocate to a new home. If you would like more information on the SMARTBOX moving and storage process, contact us today at 1-877-627-8269.

Dusty Rhodes