Ideas for Packing Your Lawn Equipment for Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 10, 2017  in 
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If you are moving, packing household items is enough of a headache in itself.  Not to mention the overwhelming task of packing up all of those tools and lawn equipment in the garage!  If you are looking for ways to efficiently pack your lawn equipment, you have come to the right place.  These tips will help you as you pack those odd-shaped, sharp, or heavy objects in the garage.

Long handled garden tools, along with brooms and mops, should be bundled together.  Remove any attachments from power tools and pack those separately.  Small garden tools may be packed in boxes with crumpled paper or packing peanuts.  Wrap sharp-edged tools with old towels to avoid injury.  Finally, make sure any power tool is safely drained of oil before storing or packing. 

Rakes and Brooms
Items such as shovels, rakes, and brooms do not need to be packed. They can just be bundled together. 

Lawn Mower and Blower
Make sure your lawn mower and blower are safely drained of gasoline before packing.  Clean the mower with a powerful sprayer, making sure to clean underneath the carriage.  Get protective covers for the blades before moving the mower and make sure to remove and pack any separate attachments.

Garden Hose
Before packing or storing your garden hose, make sure it is completely drained.  Roll it up neatly and store your garden hose in a box.

Label Items
All lawn equipment that is packed in boxes should be labeled and also marked “sharp object” if necessary.  This will make it easier to organize and unpack your lawn equipment. 

Avoid Hazardous Items
Certain items should not be packed because they are considered hazardous materials.  These include gas and oil storage containers.  It is not safe to store these items because they are flammable

Don’t make the mistake of packing your lawn equipment the wrong way.  It could end up damaging your tools or worse, causing injury.  Take the proper precautions when packing lawn equipment to ensure that your belongings arrive safe and secure at your new home. 

Dusty Rhodes