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Against the beautiful backdrop of where the Mississippi River meets the Minnesota River, Minneapolis emerges as one half of the famous Twin City metropolitan area. With over three million residents, Minneapolis is just over the top ten largest metro areas in the country, and stands as the second largest economic hub in the Midwestern United States.

Historically, the city of Minneapolis is named after Dakota Sioux, which means, mni and the Greek word, polis, which means city. The city’s economic structure grew out of a foundation rooted in waterfalls, lumber and milling. One of the most famous mills that was developed was a flour mill, led by Charles A. Pillsbury of the famous Pillsbury Flour Company.

Minneapolis is home to a thriving economy, driven by several industries including, commerce, milling, health care, publishing, finance, agriculture, computers and more. Culturally, Minneapolis has a variety of museums, theatres, music venues and art.

smartbox minneapolis mn smallEducation is an important part of the Minneapolis area which has a host of universities, colleges, educational centers and schools. For the sports fan, Minneapolis contains an array of professional teams and franchises on the national level.

 SMARTBOX is pleased to locate in the Minneapolis area and is committed to providing quality, expert service designed to meet all of your moving and storage needs. Whether you are moving across town, and need local moving and storage services, or you need long distance assistance, SMARTBOX has you covered coast to coast.

SMARTBOX provides moving and storage services for residential, commercial, military, students and more. Our team of professional moving and storage experts is trained to provide you with the highest level of service. We look forward to being your storage provider, and our moving and storage specialists are ready and waiting to assist you!

For additional information, give us a call at 1-87-SMARTBOX  (1-877-627-8269).

Our Containers

Every SMARTBOX mobile storage container is built to hold up to a room and a half of furniture. Standing at seven feet tall, five feet wide and eight feet long, our containers are designed with functionality and organization in mind. Our smaller box size creates an advantage over the "big box" competition, an advantage we pass on to you. Our storage containers are roughly one third the size of the largest PODS® storage container, insuring that you don't pay for storage space that you don't need. In addition, this allows you organize your packing and storage....no more garage and outdoor items packed with your bedding and bathroom stuff.  Even better, we can deliver multiple units at the same time, allowing our state of the art process to be not only better for the environment, but better for you budget too!  Because we can deliver up to 7 SMARTBOXES at one time for one LOW price, if you order more than you actually need, we will refund 100% of the rent on the unused SMARTBOXES, provided they are returned empty within 5 days of the initial delivery!

To assist you with getting your home ready for sale, SMARTBOX of Minnesota recommends the book "This Sold House" by award winning Twin Cities author Diane Keyes!  This is THE guide for staging your home with tips on getting your home sold!  Go to www.thissoldhouse.biz for details!

We will BEAT any of our Competitors!

 At SMARTBOX of Minnesota our philosophy is simple; we will always provide you with better service and the best price in the Twin Cities area!  Bring us a verifiable quote from any of our competitors and we will BEAT that price, while at the same time providing you with a higher level of customer service.  This commitment should make deciding who to use for your portable storage needs a no brainer.  SMARTBOX of Minnesota will always be the most affordable and convenient choice