In today’s society, there are many portable options of storage to choose from, but there is only one SMARTBOX. Many will advertise that their storage options are the smartest choice, but no other method of mobile storage on the market today has the word “SMART” within their brand name. Like our title, we are set apart from other storage providers because we truly know what it takes to provide SMARTER storage options.

SMARTBOX containers, or “Smartboxes” as we like to refer to them as, are not your traditional storage unit, nor are they your typical portable storage unit. With most traditional storage units, you do not have the ability to allow the contents of your unit to breathe. Without any venting or room for air, you expose your belongings to potential mold and stale odors. Aluminum steel based storage, like the kind offered by  PODS®, does not allow air to enter into the storage unit. Additionally, aluminum based storage units often give way to rust when exposed to wet weather conditions, but the non-steel structure of the SMARTBOX container provides rust free, weather proofing coverage, offering smarter storage protection.




Transparent Pricing (no teaser rate that goes up after renting a container after the first month)


Wide swing door opening with secure piano hinge and multiple closures


8’ x 7’ x  5’ – Conveniently-sized units


Ground-level loading and unloading



Up to 8 units delivered in a single trip to home or business


Price match Guarantee


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Convenience: The SMARTBOX difference is in the engineering and manufacturing design of our storage units. SMARTBOX containers or “Smartboxes” as we like to call them are designed with dimensions that redefine the ease of usage for packing your unit. Different from PODS®, our Smartboxes are only 7’ tall which means you are not reaching as high to pack up your unit, offering better safety and convenience.

Price: SMARTBOX is affordable and we offer discounts to meet you at the level of your need. Whether you are a college student needing a student discount, serving in the military or using our storage service for residential or commercial needs, our prices are better and you never pay for storage you do not use. 

Availability: An issue that often arises with portable storage companies that have grown too large is a lack of availability to customers, as well as difficulty in meeting your scheduling needs. When compared to PODS®, SMARTBOX consistently meets the needs of its customers, including schedules. We understand that providing storage to you matters on a level higher than being the largest storage provider. We are your premier storage provider, offering quality you can count on.

Size:  Our SMARTBOX container is 8’ deep X 7’ tall X 5’ wide compared to PODS® storage units which are larger. The size of our storage units make it easier for delivery, packing, unloading and storing. When compared to the smallest size storage unit PODS® offers, our storage containers still provide easier packing and stacking due to the smaller height difference.

Attention: We are dedicated to providing each and every customer with our attention and expert customer service. If you have questions, we have answers. We are devoted to making time for you, and showing you why our storage solutions are the smarter choice.

For more information or to receive a free quote, please give us a call at 1.87.SMARTBOX (1.877.627.8269). Our expert storage providers look forward to assisting you!