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Are you looking to reside in the Peach State, more specifically Athens?  If your answer is yes, then SMARTBOX is proud to be a prominent moving service provider in the Athens’ area.  Our friendly and customer service oriented employees are here to assist you every step of the way, striving to help you make your transition to Athens as easy as possible.  Contact us today at 1-877-627-8269 to get your moving process started with a free quote!

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Welcome to Athens

Athens, formally known as Athens-Clarke County, is the sixth largest city in the state of Georgia.  Even though it is considered to be the smallest area geographically of any county in the state, Athens is still a great place to live with a rich history and a variety of activities for people to enjoy. 

Athens became a city in 1806 with a government made up of three members.  During this time, cotton mills stimulated the town’s commercial and industrial development.  In 1833, a group of businessmen led by James Camak were tired of their wagons getting stuck in the mud.  So, they decided to start The Georgia, one of the state’s first railroads, connecting Athens to Augusta.  This helped the transportation industry, along with the growth of the university, turn Athens into one of the state’s most important cities. 

Economically, the city is home to a blend of young and up and coming technology firms, coupled with many established ones as well.  There is also a strong presence of art in the Athens’ culture.

Special Points of Interest

Have you ever seen close to ninety three thousand people packed into one place on a Saturday afternoon for a college football game?  Well if you have not, go to Sanford Stadium on the campus of the University of Georgia and you will see just that.  Athens is home to many Georgia Bulldog fans who are very passionate about college football.

If the arts, nature, or animals are a more suitable option, Athens is the place for you.  The city is home to The Bear Hollow Zoo, the Georgia Museum of Art, Sandy Creek Nature Center, and The Georgia Theater.  All of these destinations are very relaxing, family-friendly ways for people of all ages to spend quality time with one another.

Moving to Athens

There are many reasons why you might need to move to Athens.  A business move, a college move, or a military move are all common occurrences in which our team at SMARTBOX can assist you with your relocation process.  Our services are designed with a customer minded approach, and we take great pride in being a cost-effective option for all of our customers. We want to make your moving experience with us as light as possible on your wallet or bank account.  All cost and fees associated with the SMARTBOX moving process are based on an upfront approach with no hidden fees. 

Are you a college student or active military member in need of a moving discount? We have got your back  We offer discounts to college students and university staff members, as well as active military personnel. 

As our valued customer, you can take a deep breath and know that the financial part of your moving experience will not be a negative factor with us.


Moving Locally In Athens

Are you looking to move within the city of Athens?  If so, our team of experienced movers is here to help you.  Contact our customer service representatives to get started.  Just let us know your time frame for drop off and pick up and how many storage units you need.  If you need assistance in relocating, our movers will be happy to provide you with extra sets of hands to complete the process.  Two weeks or two days, our customers’ schedule is our schedule.  No time frame is too short or too long.  You can relax and know that your local move will be an efficient process with our team at SMARTBOX.


Storage Options

Storage, it is definitely a very important factor that must be taken into account when making a move.  All of our units are portable, easy-to-access, climate controlled, and equipped to handle all types of weather conditions.  Our customers know that regardless of the geographical location, their items will remain protected at all times, whether the storage unit is at your residence or one of our storage facilities.

Moving From Athens

If you are in a situation that requires you to relocate to another city in Georgia or across state lines, let SMARTBOX help you.  Our service representatives have the ability to organize and coordinate intra or interstate moves.  Our team will be happy to drive your items as far as cross country if need be, while storing the items in one of our storage facilities while everything is in transit between moving locations

If you prefer to take a more hands on approach when moving, we offer Do-It-Yourself options, regardless of the distance in between locations.  This allows you to take control of every detail of your own moving process at your own pace, making sure you dot every I and cross every T.


If you have any further moving questions, or would like to begin the transition process with us, contact us at 1-877-627-8269.  We are looking forward to working with you!