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Baton Rouge portable storage premier provider

SMARTBOX is pleased to serve the Baton Rouge community as a moving and storage service provider.  We have been answering the calls of our customers since 2002, and we would love to continue to do so for you.  When you choose to partner with us at SMARTBOX, you will be working with an organization that takes great pride in portability, affordability, customer service, and communication.  Dial 1-877-627-8269 to speak with one of our representatives, starting your moving experience with a free quote.  We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

Welcome to Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana and the state’s second largest city, is located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River.  The estimated population of the city is just over two hundred and twenty-eight thousand and five hundred.

The city has a rich history that dates as far back as 12000-6500 BC with evidence of early inhabitants found along the Mississippi River.  Fast-forward to 1699 when French explorer Sieur d’ lberville led a group of people up the Mississippi, were they found a red pole sticking out of the ground marking the boundary between two tribal hunting grounds.  The explorers called it the French name le baton rouge, translating as the “red stick.”

Baton Rouge was later incorporated in 1817, eventually replacing New Orleans as the state capital in 1846.  During the civil war economic growth in the city was effected dramatically.  The only businesses that survived were those that had to do with the Confederate Army.  In today’s economy, the city’s largest industry has to do with petrochemical production and manufacturing.  ExonMobil’s Baton Rouge refinery is the fourth largest in the US, and the world’s tenth largest.  The city’s government also employees many residents.  Technology firms and research hospitals also have a strong economic presence in Baton Rouge. 

Special Points of Interest

Baton Rouge has several activities and attractions to occupy people’s time.  Louisiana State University has a strong presence in the city.  Walk around the campus.  Make sure to stop by Mike the Tiger’s habitat on your way to Tiger Stadium to see a college football game or Alex Box Stadium to see a college baseball game. 

If you prefer other attractions take a stroll in downtown Baton Rouge, stopping to get a bite to eat at one of the area’s top restaurants.  After your appetite is satisfied, take a trip to the Louisiana State Capital or the Louisiana Art and Science Museum.  No matter your interest, the city of Baton Rouge has something suitable for you.     



Moving to Baton Rouge

Whether you are moving to Baton Rouge for college purposes, military purposes, business purposes, or just a family move, our team at SMARTBOX has you covered.  During your free quote process, we will ask the questions in order to design the type of relocation strategy you need to have a successful experience with us.  We operate on your time frame and handle all of the logistics.  Pack up yourself at your own pace, or with our assistance.  Your belongings will remain safe and secure at your new location or at one of our facilities until you are ready to unpack them.

Moving Locally In Baton Rouge

SMARTBOX has been supporting customers with local moving needs for a long time.  Whether its five minutes up the road, or thirty minutes down the highway, your needs become our priorities the minute we start working together.  We will pick up and drop off the exact number of portable storage units you need to complete your move.  Another aspect that sets SMARTBOX apart from other moving organizations is that you are only charged for the number units you actually use.  This puts customers at ease knowing that we do not have any interest in trying to break your bank account.  We have your best financial interest at heart with our honest, no hidden fees approach throughout the entire moving process.    


Storage Options

Our storage options at SMARTBOX are designed with an easy-to-use, customer convenience approach in mind. Our eight by seven by five foot portable, climate-controlled units sit low enough to the ground so that a ramp is not needed to get your items stored.  Once inside the containers, there is enough space to separate certain items into different areas.  The kitchen appliances will not get mixed up with your clothes.  Our wooden interior will also protect against rust and mildew, and once your units are locked they are equipped to handle all types of weather conditions.

Are you an active military member or enrolled college student looking for storage options?  SMARTBOX has great news for you! You qualify for our student/military discount, which is good towards both moving and storage.  Also, any university staff member will receive a twenty dollar discount, which can be applied to delivery service.  We know the sacrifices that our military personnel and college students make to accomplish their dreams and goals.  We want to do anything possible to assist you. 

Moving From Baton Rouge

SMARTBOX is prepared to handle moves that may take you away from the city of Baton Rouge.  Regardless of the distance, our friendly and experienced team of movers will organize and coordinate the transition to your new address.  We offer in-transit insurance on all of our cargo in order to let our customers know that their belongings are in good hands with us.  Should something go wrong during the transportation process, we have you covered.  Should your intra or interstate move take a few days or even weeks, we will be glad to coordinate with our storage facilities in other cities, arranging storage options for your items along your relocation route. 


We hope that the above information is helpful to you as you consider your move to or away from Baton Rouge.  Make the smart choice, contact us at 1-877-627-8269, and let’s get your moving experience started with us today!