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SMARTBOX ​City Page-​​​​​Spring TX

SMARTBOX is happy to meet your moving and storage service needs in the Spring area.  We have been serving customers around the country since 2002.  Our core strengths of portability, affordability, customer service, and convenience allow us to put your specific needs at the forefront of the relocation experience.  Our experienced and outgoing moving team members are ready to assist you.  Do not wait another minute.  Contact us today at 1-877-627-8269 to get your moving process started with a free quote.  We cannot wait to partner with you!

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Welcome to Spring

The city of Spring, also known as Old Town Spring, is part of the Houston-The Woodland-Sugar Land metropolitan area.  It is located at the intersection of Spring-Cypress and Hardy roads and covers a small overall area. 

The Orcoquiza Native American were the first residents of Spring in 1836.  German immigrants made farming a key contributing factor in the area by the mid 1840’s, while sugar cane, cotton, and vegetables were emphasized by many residents. 

By 1947 there were close to 700 residents in the city.  Expansion continued into the 1970’s, as Houston suburbs began to expand north, which allowed more residential areas to open in the city.  In 1989 the Old Town Spring officially became a tourist’s area, and in 1990 the city had just over thirty-three thousand residents.

Special Points of Interest

The city of Spring has a small town atmosphere, with great local culture, and access to larger metropolitan areas.  If you prefer to stay within city limits there are several shops, dining experiences, and entertainment options for people to enjoy.  However, if you are better suited for a larger city atmosphere, downtown Houston is approximately twenty miles from the city of Spring with many different interest options for people to enjoy. 

Moving to Spring

Are you looking to move to Spring to enjoy the small town Texas atmosphere, while having access to larger metropolitan areas as well?  Spring is the place for you, and our team at SMARTBOX would be thrilled to help you with your transition process.  Our portable moving experience allows our customers to ask the questions, we provide the answers, and provide you with all the tools you need to have a successful experience with us.   We move at your pace on your time frame to come up with a moving strategy that best fits your needs.  Let’s get started today!



Moving Locally In Spring

Are you looking to move while staying within the city limits of Spring?  SMARTBOX can help!  You can get started with a free quote, which will give our service representatives an idea of your moving time frame as well as how many portable units you need.  Pack your belongings at your own pace, either with our assistance or own your own.  We will take care of all the driving, so you can rest assured your things are in good hands throughout the entire process.

One very important aspect that sets SMARTBOX apart from other moving experiences is our honest, upfront, no hidden fees approach.  Our free quote process will allow our service representatives to get an accurate assessment of the services you need, as well as allowing our customers to know the exact financial commitment that is expected from day one and throughout the entire moving experience with us.  At SMARTBOX, our employees believe in honest transparency from the very beginning with every partnership we enter into.  This allows for trust and communication for both parties throughout the entire process.     

Storage Options

Storage is one of the most important parts of the relocation process, and at SMARTBOX you are only charged for the amount of storage you actually use.  Our eight foot by seven foot by five foot portable units are capable of holding up to three thousand pounds or a room and a half of storage.  Our easy to access, climate-controlled containers have wooden interior which will protect your things from rust and mildew.  Once your items are locked inside our units, rest easy because the storage units are equipped to handle all weather conditions.  Your things will remain safe and untouched until you are ready to move forward with the unpacking process. 

Are you going to need an extended amount of time in between location changes to store your belongings?  That’s not a problem with SMARTBOX.  We can offer long-term or short-term storage options at one of our storage facilities.  Take as much time as you need, your valuables will be waiting on you, untouched and unharmed. 

Moving From Spring

Are you a college student moving away from Spring to attend college at the University of Texas Austin or Texas A&M?  Are in the military and currently experiencing a transfer? Regardless of your reason, our team at SMARTBOX is very comfortable coordinating intra or interstate moves, no matter the distance.  We will drop off your units, assist you with the packing process if needed, and drive your things to the new location.  We offer in-transit insurance for all moves so that our customers can rest assured that we put top priorities on all of our cargo we transport.

We have more good news for you! If you are currently an active member of any branch of the military, you qualify for our military discount.  This discount can be applied to both our moving and storage services.  This same discount is also available for any college student currently enrolled in a college or university.  Ask our customer service personnel for more information.

SMARTBOX strives to make sure that all of our customers have a moving experience full of lasting positive thoughts and memories.  Our employees want to play a small role in helping all of our customers reach their hopes and dreams, whether it is personal or professional.  Make the smart choice, contact us today, and start the relocation process! 1-877-627-8269, you will not regret it.